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+27 (0) 836 399 503
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Guest Comments

See what our guests have to say about our lodge and service:



Dear everybody at Balule. 1000 thanks for a magnificent, unique, amazing and unforgettable vacation.

Greetings from Henrik and Henriette. (And thanks for a lovely birthday dinner).



Dear everyone

Even though we only got to see 4 1/2 of the "the Big Five" (The leopard was missing, but we saw 2 cheetahs) this stay has been a great success. Your kindness and helpfulness has indeed contributed to making it 14 good days. Great thanks to all of you. Kindest regards

Marianne, Mette and Hans.



What an amazing camp you have here, and what a great care and … you provide to us guests. Thousand thanks for a week of pampering on a high level.

Preben and Birthe.



Dear all

Thousand thanks for 14 amazing days, filled with super experiences, good food, good wine, amazing surroundings and friendly staff. We have experienced a hostility and a feeling of belonging, which we do not often meet other places. Thank you for making this vacation one of the best vacations we have ever had. Thanks!

Steffanie and Thomas.



Dear everyone at Balule. There is no doubt that this stay has been our absolute greatest vacation experience ever. The combination of beautiful nature, exciting experiences and magnificent ambiance in the camp makes it very difficult to leave this place. We are honored to have been a part of Mombergs’ (the baby hippo) first days. What an experience! Thanks to everyone - guests and staff - for an unforgettable week.

Lotte and Emilie.



This has been an amazing week filled with exciting experiences, nice meals, evenings with great atmosphere - not at least it was great to hear the rush of the river all the time. A great thanks to all the staff.

Jørgen, Susanne, Niels and Liselotte.



Dear everyone at Balule. This is the 5th time at Balule and I am still convinced that this is the best place to have my vacation. Coming back? Definitely! (or whithout doubt)

Warm greetings from Ruth.



Dear everyone. An amazing stay has come to its end - unfortunately. I could stay at this place much longer. Unforgettable, life changing and beautiful experiences. In 3 words; I’ll be back!




Balule seemed beautiful and exciting on pictures and paper. It gave us great expectations. But this peacefulness and harmony, with pampering and experiences has to be seen, it can’t be read. Elephants playing in waterholes, seeing Big Five in one day, the exciting excursion to Drakensberg and the great service in each and every trip. That we felt like one big family the last evening in the Boma was such a beautiful feeling that it can’t be described. Thanks for everything!

Tove, Poul, Bodil, Søren and Frode.



Father and son traveled to South Africa with great expectations - these were met in full.

We saw Africa from its best side. The population, the nature and - last but not least - Balule. Place, staff and service were top notch.

We are traveling up north now with the memory of an amazing vacation. Thanks to everyone who contributed.




Thousand thanks for an amazing week at Balule River Camp. Thanks for lovely trips, lots of animals and good food. It has been a week with good experiences and lots of relaxation. Now I can go home to the everyday life with beautiful memories and lots of energy.




Dear Balule, Staff and others

Thousand thanks for a lovely week. I have never had an experience that in any way can match what I have experienced here. It has been amazing. There is no doubt that I will visit Balule and South Africa again. All my love




To everyone who makes Balule to what it is;

We would like to thank all of you for contributing to making our stay here completely unforgettable. We have seen, heard and experienced more than we ever could have imagined. And not only the wilderness and the nature, but just as much the people have been an important part of our experience. Thank you so much!

Randi and Jan



Dear everyone at Balule River Camp

We would like to say thanks for a great week and vacation in Balule River Camp. It has been an experience of a lifetime and that is why we will always look back and think of the nice service and the magnificent location of this place. We have enjoyed each and every second.

Henrik and Lisbeth.



Dear Balule

Great thanks for 2 amazing weeks with lots of animals and good experiences. It is very difficult for me to say goodbye but I hope to be back again very soon.




Dear all

It was great, it was fantastic, it was a journey that we will never forget. Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality. You’re all the best! With love

Sonja, Herman, Kars and Sven.



Dear all

When we left we expected to travel out into nothing. But it turned out that we actually traveled into the very middle of; experiences, peacefulness, presence, luxury, good food, exciting animals, good company.


Ida, Asta, Iris and Emma.



Dear everyone at Balule – Management and staff

My 6th visit is coming to its end and as always it is sad to say “Until we meet again”. Because we definitely will. It is just so great to be here, and the ambiance the mood in the camp is amazing. Take good care of each other and Balule – see you in 2013.

The warmest and sincere regards




Dear everyone

A thousand thanks for some amazing days down here. It has been indescribably awesome to experience this whole new world – something you can get become addicted to. Take good care of this place and each other, and then I hope that I will see you again.

Warm regards from Mie.



Dear everyone at Balule River Camp

Thank you for an amazing week in your camp. This is an experience of a lifetime and we have enjoyed each and every second. This is a wonderful way of having your Easter holiday and celebrating a milestone birthday. You have given us delicious food and wine, luxury and many exciting experiences every day. We will with out doubt recommend this “pearl” in the bush to everyone we know.

The best regards

Marie, Michael, Rasmus and Rikke.



Dear everyone

Thanking you from the bottom of our heats for an unforgettable vacation in your beautiful and atmospheric surroundings. Great thanks to all for your sympathy, lovely sense of humor, extensive service and happy smiles.

Balule has it all, and it has been an elephantastic stay!

The warmest regards

Ole and Karin.  



Dear Balule

A thousand thanks for an amazing vacation. We have never been on a vacation where we with great pleasure have woken up at 4 o clock in the morning. We enjoyed our stay in your camp! We have been spoiled with great experiences, delicious food and an amazing staff.

Susanne and Niels


Dear everyone at Balule J

We have had a completely unforgettable week here at the camp. Amazing food presented by ‘the singing chef’, daily trips into the bush together with the guides where we have seen ‘The big 5’ twice, seen a lot of baby animals and learnt a lot about the African nature. There is an amazing ambiance at the camp and the employees have in their own individual way contributed to that we always will commemorate this amazing vacation.

Regards and thanks Marianne and Poul 


Dear every fantastic employee.

A thousand thanks for an unforgettable week here at Balule. We struggled to find something negative, but we couldn’t. Everything has been amazing. Hugs and thoughts with the wish that you must continuously feel well.

Jessie and Ninette 


It has been a wonderful week. We have enjoyed every minute. The food, the game drives, the pool, the guides etc. etc. We are especially pleased with the warm welcome of the lion on our entry to Balule. The leopard was not so bad either J We all hope to be back sometime and we will defiantly tell all our friends about Balule. Warmest regards to all in Balule River Camp. Ps. the champagne Brunch and the bush Braai were fantastic.

Karen and Niels, Jette 6 and Erik, Jette 4 and Lars. 


We are thankful for a really nice stay here at Balule. This week has given us experiences and memories that we will never forget. Every person at Balule has done their part to make our stay as good as possible. Thanks to everyone and thanks to all our new friends from Denmark and Norway. We would love to return at another occasion.

Jan and Trond



Thanx to all for a wonderful week. We have seen all "big five" during our stay. We have had a luxurious wildlife experience and not least food experience. The whole staff has been incredible giving us an unforgetable adventure in South Africa. We hope to be back one day!  


Line & Niels 


Thank you for a very extremely good holiday! Everyone of you has been so polite, smiley, helpfull and unique. The service has been in top! Our holiday - we will never forget. Thank you so much! 


Birgit & Mogens 



Thanx for a magical week here at Balule River Camp. It has been an experience we will never forget! The animals, the birds, the food and the people and place of Balule has made us feel really welcome.  Especially the elephants visiting the camp almost every night, and the evening jamming with the cousin band and the staff has made this vacation unforgettable! Lots of love from the BIG HAPPY Norwegian famliy!

The Lefsaker Family 



Thank you so very much for woderful experiences in the bush, and Balule River Camp. We are returning to Norway woth our minds refreshed and bodies relaxed! 

Heidi, Roy, Erik & Jostein



Thank you SO much for a fantastic holiday. It has been an unique experience to see the Big 5 - except one - the leopard :) we take that next time! Everybody at the camp has been very kind, helpful and smiling! We will never forget this place!! Thank you for everything! 

Love, Helle & Jeanet





Thank you all for a fantastic vacation. It was again an amazing holiday. We miss you all so much, untill we see you again!  

with Love, Soes & Poul